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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

10:34AM - 3 months!

wow! cant beleive its been three months. well im pleased to report that the new all time low shown in my last log, actually WAS the low. since then its been an upward slope of ever increasing height! :oD the Thursday after that last log I wrote... (the 7th) the same thursday that London got bombed in fact, i travelled to Lincoln by train as Nobbys release date was Friday 8th. i went for the weekend, maybe a week at a push! and I am pleased to report that I never left lincoln since and right now I am slowly coming round to conciousness whilst laying in my girlfriends bed! sorry... did i not make myself clear then? i said my GIRLFRIEND'S BED! she is at uni and im being lazy! :D and ok, i may be still in debt, it may be a long time before i get out of it, BUT i am happier than i have been for a very... very long time! in fact im so happy i am considering inventing a new word! hmmmm... what could it be? erm... leave it with me! ;)
ok. so heres a brief list of events as i can remember them in my current condition.

came to lincoln
nobby came home... for good! :D
stayed at nobbys for a bit, played lots of champ manager and basketball and drank LOTS of stella/becks
went to stay with Doog and met one of the few people living in his student building who i didnt know yet... Ian!
got Ian smoking fags and weed! bad bad people i know! but we didnt exactly have to hold a gun to his head!
went out with all the lads in lincoln with nobby for the first time in over 18 months! randomly saw helen, maries sister who tod me some amusing things about marie!
then the big night! nobbys 21st! oh yes! started off at his house with hundreds of beers, £280 of meat and a very big BBQ! awesome. then at 11 an enormous limo pulled up (number plate was '15 PIMP' lol) and took us into the centre of Lincoln while we enjoyed champagne en route. when we got there we all sparked up fat cigars and climbed out the limo. to set the scene the people were Nobby wearing all black with two FUKIN ENORMOUS gold medallion things with 21 on em. then the lads... Me Doog and Ian all wearing black shirt, trousers, shoes with a white tie, and then Doogs g/f of the time Jamie and her sister Charlotte. we looked the shit! lol. anyway we walked straight past the dogma queue and started a night to remember! got all the pics. they're ace!

that takes us to August 6th.
since then i been living with Ian playing champ manager and being lazy! around the end of august we met the woman nextdoor... who turned out to be the landlady of the house and was preparing it for the imminent arrival of three students.
2nd weekend in Sept said stuents turned up and kindly invited me and Ian for a cuppa tea! we happily accepted. this became a regular thing with one house going to the other for a drink at some random time in the day and then just staying till the early hours! they consist of Sam - Doing 2nd yr Computer Games programming at uni. Likes his computers. seems a good guy. Sarah - was on sams course last yr. restarting in english i beleive! a bit mad. has a disturbing desire for fettah cheese! (is that how u spell it?) but is very kind! :) and finally Kay or Kayleigh. Doing 2nd yr of English and Criminology. lovely person. only one in the houshold who is single! well... WAS single! lol. I came round one lunchtime when Ian was out somewhere and started paying "Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X" with Kay and Sarah happily watching and helping. We started about 3pm and stopped around 5:30am... thats 5:30AM!!! mammoth! anyway i blatantly wasnt going to get into Ian's at such a ridiculous hour so i curled up on the sofa. Kay got up to go upstairs and offered me her bed to share. and that was that! lol. the resident evil day was 2 weeks ago today, so tomorrow we'll have been together 2 weeks. i've spent 1 night of that away from Kay and that was to see Nobby before he departed for Portsmouth to restart uni. as i've said im very very happy and i think its what i deserve to be honest! thank you Kayleigh!!!!!!!!! :o) off to hykeha tonite to start living with Barbara and Lee

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

7:02AM - LIFE SUCKS! :(

oh my god. wot did i do to deserve this? i must have seriously pissed on god's bonfire in a previous life! i reckon i must have been a terrorist or summet, or maybe even hitler! :( im literally losing the will to live. i say that a lot in a joking sense but now i fucking mean it. i wanna rewind a few years and do this bit again please...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

2:30AM - hey there!

once again, far too long. im workin funny hours and goin to lincoln lots! thats my excuse anyway! im gonna be brief cuz im knackered! before i forget, that monday i was on about... well... i went to work on the friday nite (we're talkin a few weeks back now!) i started at 2pm and finished a
t 10:30pm, i then went straight to nobby's arriving around midnite. got about 5 or 6 hrs sleep that nite, then saturday i went to bed at 8am (which was actually sunday mornin) and got up at 11am. then sunday nite i didnt go to sleep at all. just played Gran Turismo 4 all nite, i had work at 2:15 monday afternoon so i left nobby's around half 11 totally shattered. my plan was to return home, eat, go to work. however my workplace is on my way home... anyway, i get to about 8 miles from my work on the A38 and suddenly hear a dull thud thud thud gettun louder n louder to the point where my arse is being horrificly abused in conjunction with each thud, which is where i cam to the conclusion that i had a puncture! in the middle of roadworks!!! i manage to find a suitable area to pull over and try to decide wot to do, with no spare wheel (stupid i know), no mobile, no cash and work looming in 1hr 45! so i go to the guys doin the roadworks and say "sorry to bother u guys, but cud i boroow sum1's fone so i can ring home and get sum1 to call me back cuz i got a puncture!" some guy with a thick irish accent says "where ya phonin to?" (at least i think he said that! i told him cannock which is around 25 miles away and a look of pure astonishment and disgust comes over his face and he blurts out something like... "nah! fuck that! im on pay as ya go!! theres a pub over there! ask them!!" naturally i was surprised at this as firstly it was a mobile, mobiles dont care where u are calling, and even if they did, we were in the SAME FUCKING AREA CODE!!! grrr! anyway, i trudged down the A38 to where he had vaguely pointed and fought my way thru a miniture rainforest and then jumped down the 3 foot drop to the ground below... what actually happened was i jumped 3 feet and then shit myself as the undergrowth just kept giving way and 3 became 4, 4 became 5 and 5 became 6,7 8 aaaaaand bang! ouch! i picked myself up, glared at some chavs, left my dignity in the undergrowth somewhere and stomped off towards this pub! i explained my predicament to the rather fiersome looking landlord and very politley requested the use of his payphone! fortunately he found my situation quite funny and told me they didnt have a payfone but chucked me the cordless instead. i called my dad and asked him to ring straight back and hung up... now, for those of u who arent familiar with my father, he can be one of the tightest, most unreasonable people in existence today! the fone rang and i answered, i was met with my dads voice simply saying "YES!?" so i once again explained my situation! now, at this point any normal father would grab their keys, grab their sons work clothes, jump in the car and drive thw 25 miles to their sons much needed aid! my father is many things, but im afraid normal is NOT one of them! in fact he's possibly one of the most bizzare examples of mankind ever to have existed! his actual response was something like "Well i dont know wot u expect me to do about it James!" so i told him in a very frustrated and angry voice to call work and tell them i may be late or even absent! he then started telling me to ring the bloody RAC, for whom i dont have a number and dont have the time available to use the scary mans phone! i told him this and contemplated politely pointing out how blindingly stupid he was... but instead i told him i might not be home tonight and put the fone down! i thanked the landlord and stomped out the pub and glared twice as hard at the higly amused chavs in their rally wannabe fiesta. i immediately regretted this action when i realised that while dropping 8 feet thru undergrowth was a bit of a suicide mission, going back the other way simply wasnt possible! i half thought about climbing a tree and jumping, but instantly realised this was a crap plan and walked the long way round! i got back to my car, looking limp and lonely. hazards flashing... almost crying out for help. i got inside, rolled a fag then sat on the boot smoking, hoping some kindly chap might pull over to help. no such luck. i returned to my car, rolled two more fags, turned off my hazards, locked my car and started walking. at this point i wasnt entirely sure how far it actually was to work, i later discovered this to be 8 miles. it wasnt like normal walking, i was on a very very uneven grass verge about 2 feet away from a big scary dual carriageway which had an alarming amount of traffic on it. this meant i had to concentrate on every single step because if i stepped awkwardly i cud end up in the road, that would not be cool! every time a lorry went past i had to stop completely and brace myself. the lorry wud pass, then there wud be a very brief, but unforgivingly forceful hurricane and then i would be allowed to continue my journey. i passed service stations, little chefs, business parks, hotels, boat yards (wtf?!), the fucking lot. 7 weary miles and 4 very very long hours later and im left with one final task cross the A38 at 5pm! obviously i've never had the opportunity to give dental surgery to an untranqulised velociraptor, but i imagine the two challenges to be on a similar level of difficulty! after what seemed an eternity i got to the middle. i then just sat there on the central reservation being scared shitless of the much faster vehicles of the outside lane, and to be quite honest, looking a complete fucking twat! after 7 days and 7 nights i spotted a gap between a speeding eddie stobart, and a clapped out Citroen 2CV! i went for it. the driver of the aging peice of frence engineering evidently saw me and suddenly became enraged at the cheek of me crossing in front of his car. he increased speed at such a rate that he must have had some form of nitrous fitted. the car didnt sound impressed either, whether this was at me, or its furious driver i shall never know. i escaped the raving mentalist and headed rapidly accross a field toward work checking over my shoulder at regular intervals just to check i wasnt being followed by Mr Psycho weilding some form of automatic rifle! i arrived at work gasping for liquid and hardly able to walk. i went straight to the cooler and hogged it for wot seemed like 10 minutes but what was probably more like 30 seconds as i systematically devoured cup after cup of cold fresh water. my feet were blistered and burning. my calfs were aching, my thighs were cramped, and my back problems returned just to join the party. i couldnt find any office staff at all, and couldnt go on the factory floor with no safety boots! so i sat and waited in the canteen. a while later by some miraculous fluke, i met one of my team in the toilets as i was releasing the swimming pool i'd just drunk! i told him to get my supervisor and id be in the canteen. she eventually turned up and said shed try to get me some boots and i must wait right where i was. as u can imagine by this point, having slept 3 hours since saturday morning, i was fairly tired! i rested my head on my arms and waited. wot seemed like two minutes later i was scared shitless by a fat bloke who was clearly the only gay in the village! i looked at the clock, 35 MINUTES??! no way! shit. ok, i was asleep! i then realised he had called my name a good 6 or 7 times! in my just woken up state this was confusing to me as i'd never met the man in my life. he told me he had come to give me some boots. gutted! i had hoped i wudnt have to work. i called the RAC from a company fone and had a bizzare conversation which resulted in us agreeing that i wud meet them at my car at 11:15 that night. i worked the remainder of my shift and collapsed into somebodys car, the drove me up the A38 and deposited me somewhere near my car. i got in it, sat, smoked, and waited! eventually a truck pulled up behind me. he got out, asked me wot was wrong, and asked if i had a spare. i was getting very pissed off by this point and quite bluntly told him if i had a spare i wudnt be waiting at nearly midnite for the RAC!!! he seemed offended. he told me they dont replace tyres, and the best he cud offer was recovery to my house... for around 50 quid. er... excuse me, u fucking what?! 50 QUID?! thats outrageous. anyway, i wanted bed desperately so i tried bargaining, i asked how much to recover ME to my house and leave the fukin car where it was. 50 quid was the simple reply. oh! so recovery it was then. ok, u got the cash on u have u?! er no! any cards? yea, my bank card... ok great... lets have a look... oh... oh dear, no, sorry mate, we dont take visa electron... the words which went through my head in the next few seconds couldnt be repeated infront of a herd of sheep! never mind the general public. i told him my mum wud pay. he told me he needed payment first! eventually he agreed to drive until we found somewhere with a fone so i cud ring her n get card details! we came to a travel lodge. i suggested it and he said no, they wont have a phone, probably no1 there anyway! u wot? its a motel mate! of course there's someone there u fuckin idiot! (was what i thought!) so we drove, no fuel stations were open so after 10 miles we turned back. he said oh, we may aswell try the travel lodge i guess. i went in, surprise surprise there was sum1 there! i asked if they had a fone, surprise surprise they had a fone! i used it! mum was as shocked as I at the cost! so shocked she gave me all her card details. i reported back to shit for brains. he then told me it was going to be 84 quid. i obviously questioned this and he explained we'd done an extra 20 miles looking for a fone. i was understandably furious and struggled to prevent my face from popping. i muttered 'ok' and passed the details over! it went thru, we were on our way. i sleepily directed him back to mine. we got there around 1am. i got to bed at about 1:15 and fell asleep about 1:14! wow. definitely DEFINITELY the worst monday in the history of mankind! so there u are. if u r still reading i hope u r as drained as i was! :P

OH MY FUCKING GOD! i thought i was bad on my last post, 11,00 odd words. this one has past the 2,000 mark and i've only written about one day!

well. thats gonna be it for tonite. goin to see nobby on friday YAY! havin a big BBQ and stuff. warwick, if u see this b4 saturday ur invited, get in touch so i can arrange pickin u up! nobby's released in 23 days! wooo! :D gotta go. i feel ill. i think my stomach is about to implode, mainly because of the pressure being exerted on it from my bowels! unnecessary i know, but its so true! :P

bye for now! x

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

1:15AM - STUFF!!!

Wow its been a long time since i updated this! i've been sooooo so busy! erm... right, well whats happened since i last updated... erm. ok, well after that time i mentioned when i was at amy's, well i never saw her again, my calls were cancelled, my txts were ignored, my emails were blocked, etc, etc. fuck knows why. weirdo :/ erm, alex STILL thinks i stole his weed apparently and to make matters worse so do the rest of the family and i was told 'being a thief of cannabis i should never ring this phone again' and then heard the sound of iain hanging up! i was tempted to ring straight back and say 'well im not a thief of any kind so i guess its ok to ring!' but i thought that wudnt really help matters so i submitted to a better plan like eating biscuits or something.

erm, i seem to be back in touch with marie again, nothing more than that, but unfortunately i wud do anything to make it more. :( i know it seems really shocking and makes out im contradicting myself, but when i wrote that shit i was soooooo fucking angry it was unreal! it wasnt wrong, its just wot was going thru my head. I met her and her sister a week or so ago. unfortunately it wasnt the best occasion, in fact it was the anniversary of my best mates death, but i still cudnt help noticing how good she looked. :/ i cant help it. i love her. i love her so much that i've even written a song about her during the long boring hours at work (which i will get on to in a minute!) every day i come up with more and more way out plans of how to earn her back. the thing is, shes got a bf, and shes apparently happy, and me being me wont do anything to jeopardise that, so i'm just sitting and waiting to see if anything goes wrong between her and 'Dave.' its a crap plan i know, but i dont care! If i ever get the chance to be with her again i WONT fuck it up. all my time and effort and i dare say money will go into making it work. not necessarily spending every penny on flowers, chocolate and jewelery, but maybe saving every feasible penny towards a holiday, or maybe even a house deposit. if i find out that her and dave have gone their seperate ways i intend to do something MASSIVE and really special that we never did before. a couple of ideas to pass thru my mind are go to a robbie williams concert or maybe go to paris or something, but i gotta be careful. dont wanna try to get her to go somewhere where she wud be left with no choice but to stay the night with me, cuz that cud potentially fuck it all up! as u can probably tell, i've put a lot of thought into this! maybe too much! FUCK! looking at how much i wrote, id say definitely too much! never mind. marie if ur reading this, no matter how much i have hated you over the past few months... its only cuz I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all my mates who read this are gonna think im such a dick but once again, I dont care!!! ok, enough about Marie...

WORK! :D i have a new job and i'm actually doing well. i think this is the first time ever where in my first 5 weeks in a job i only been late once! lol. and that was only cuz i got a puncture. i'll also explain this in a minute. the worst monday in recorded history! anyway, my job is just round the corner from my last one and its in a factory, but its soooo much better than the last two factories i worked in. im working in a team, building Pug 206 Dashboards. The money's not bad, the overtimes readily available and my supervisor and team leader aren't w@nkers! however... one problem is already driving me elsewhere! the holiday system is ridiculous. i HAVE to take unpaid holidays when the factory say so. next week for instance im not in at all. and im NOT allowed any days off, of my own choice, which is crap. this means that on Friday 8th July, the release date of the best of my best mates from prison... i cant be there to greet him out the gates. how shitty is that. also it means my plans for my car weekend away at santa pod are all screwed... how about NOOOOOOOOO! ya crazy dutch bastards!!! i got a better idea, how about i go a further 10 miles up the A38 and work for Toyota plant instead! YES BOYYYY! :D better money, better prospects, AND non-retarded holiday system! its all good. i will be calling in there on my way to Lincoln on Friday night. will let u know of the outcome.

In other news... Nobby is released in just 48 days! :D

I go to see Oasis Live in concert in Just 49 days! :D

I go to USC show at Santa Pod Raceway driving a Civic Type R!!!
Go boyyyy!) in Just 10 weeks! :D

Norwich are relegated from the premiership on the last day... BOOO!

Liverpool bring the Chmpions League Trophy back to England...
permenantly! congratulations are in order! well done lads!

my dog is ill and may die soon... BOOO! :(

Tony Blair has been re-elected! WTF?!?!?! wots wrong with the
retarded public in this country?!

I've discovered how fucking ACE Gran Turismo 4 is!!! im hooked. if
u ever get chance take the BMW M5 for a spin! un fucking real!

I've also discovered how fucking ACE the PS3 will be and i cant
wait to see Grant Turismo 5!!! i WILL be gettin that!!! :D

Right, well thats about it. that was fucking mammoth! i cant beleive how much i've just typed! in fact, fuck it, im gonna paste it into MS Word and find out! lol.... FUCK ME! 1,030 words! if a teacher told me i had to do that for an essay i'd give em a slap and tell em not to be so stupid! thats astonishing! right. well i'm now gonna retire to champ manager and the rest of my beer, followed closely by bed! :) if you're still reading this entry I commend you. leave a comment and i'll buy u a pint next time i see u for being so loyal! lol. take care all!
x x x

PS yea, I know I forgot to mention the worst Monday EVER! Will put it in my next post I promise. Too tired now.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

1:54PM - A message to all Man Utd fans...

For those of you who werent aware of this peice of Bellman trivia, I am a follower of Norwich City and have been for 10 years or so... now yesterday, Saturday 9th April was a very nice day for Norwich fans... a certain football match was played at the home of football... Carrow Road! and the score at the end of this football match was...

Norwich City 2 (thats TWO!)
Manchester United 0 (thats NIL!!!)

the score earlier in the season at Old Trafford was 2-1 to the dirty reds, which i do believe means on a season aggregate... Norwich come out 3-2 victors!!! Thats is we scored THREE goals, and Man u score TWO! gutted! :oD

Long live Nigel Worthington!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

11:54PM - happier now

despite not reading my last post, alex did apologise this morning on the phone, and i am very apreciative of that. hes still not convinced it wasnt me, which is fair enough i guess but i think he realised his outburst was a bit out of order, and i respect him for that. on other aspects of life... i go back to work tomorrow, i fixed my car stereo, i got pissed on by a storm which was blatantly an example of god's warped sense of humour and i ate a pot noodle :)

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1:30AM - amy and alex

well. another great day for me. i got all my debts sorted out, and then went and picked amy up from work. went back to hers and watched the whole 1st series of Bo Selecta back to back with a brief break in the middle to demolish a chinese in my usual fashion! we then watched the friday night project before i left for home. we said goodbye and kissed and i instantly became the happiest man on the planet. i was on such a high its unbelievable. i really like her. i drove home in such a jubilant mood happier than i've been for at least a year, then arrived at my pc to discover i had been left a flurry of insulting messages accusing me of being a thief... not only was i accused of thieving, but i was accused of thieving off one of my own mates! i should also point out it was less of an accusation, and more of a statement something along the lines of 'why did u steal my weed,' instantly my high was destroyed and replaced by a horrible feeling which i dont believe actually has a name. the person in question will probably believe it to be guilt, but he cudnt be futher from the truth. i am no thief and therefore have nothing to feel guilty for. its more a feeling of deep deep disappointment at being informed that i have stolen off my own mate. those of u who know me will understand y i feel the way i do. it fucking sucks. to be honest im not mad at all as i realise the frustration caused by having ones last supplies stolen, but i am more than a little upset and disappointed that i have been accused so wrecklessly. my face at 12:30 on my way home was one of happiness, optimism and contentment. now it is a picture of sadness which sucks ass cuz its bin that way since December 3rd and tonight was my first break. anyway, im just rambling and going round in circles. i am going to bed now. if u read this Al, i want u to know that i am not holding anything against u and all i ask is that u realise that there has been a huge huge mistake. an apology wud be nice, but that is not a decision i am at liberty to make. i hope we can still be mates and i hope u find out which piece of fucking scum really stole from u and then give them a good beasting, firstly for stealing, and secondly for causing u to wrongly accuse a mate of said crime. the ppl who know me best will tell u it wud never even cross my mind to steal. they include warwick, phil, gemma, Mr Bunney and probably even marie. we have had our problems but at the end of the day she knows me better than most and knows how genuine and honest i am.

arr fuck this shit. ive had enough. im off to sleep ;/


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Monday, April 4, 2005

10:49AM - happiness...

well... a week or so ago i suspected that my life may be making a change for the better. I now have more evidence of this. the reasoning last time was due to me finding a possible way over my debt problems in landscape gardening which im still doing, the reason this time is i may be finally about to overcome my lonliness since moose features split up with me. i met a girl, and shes ace, and her family r ace, even the dogs r ace! :D
i actually smiled... naturally for about 20 hours solid! and im still smiling now... but what is this strange feeling i am experiencing... i am not familiar with it... what was that?? happiness? ahhhh! i've heard about that! yes yes... i remember now! being happy. thats what it is! awesome! strangely enough it has induced another quality which i am not familiar with... i think they call it self... err... self something... oh oh oh!!! self respect! thats it! thats the fella! right, well im off to do something that i wudnt normally do now... like eat healthily, or wash clothes or summet. so long

oh... one more thing... never EVER east 'Raisin n Nutmeg Mullerice!' its possibly the single most disgusting thing i've ever experienced. it'd be a close call between the mullerice and mussels! i imagine it to be like eating death with a teaspoon if such a thing were possible. i must now go and drink something to attempt to mask the vicious aftertaste hanging around in my mouth, in a similar way to how one might imagine roy chubby brown hanging round a burger van! b bye x

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

7:10AM - bad weather! :(

bad weeather = no work
no work = no money
no money = gay! :(

well... its pissing it down! the ground is wetter than a submerged sponge and i cant imagine im gonna b workin much today! bah! i dont even know why im writing here. nowt to say really. erm... oh oh oh! i got to see Nobby this weekend which was cool. he was allowed out for the weekend so we had a weekend of watching football, rugby and F1 and playing champ manager! it was ace. just like the good old days :)
erm... warwick... need to speak 2 u. we have a problem that we need to addess on friday nite b4 we go to ian's... right. time to leave for work. pointless exercise that is! 15 mile journey along the shitty A5 only for him to say
"nah, we cant work in this mite! its too wet! know wot i mean mite? arr" (you have to imagine the slight brummie accent, its hard to emulate with a keyboard!)

tara a bit cock!

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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, i now live in birmingham (again!) and i have a job. im a landscape gardener, and its fukin ace! i had this interview a month or so ago and some other guy got the job over me (a blatant bad decision!) anyway, he's bust his nose playing rugby and is now facially deformed in such a way that wud make the elephant man proud! so the boss rang me up and offered me a fortnight work and 'between me and him' he's not too impressed with the elephant man anyway. (also this seems to be the case 'between me and evry1 else!) so i'm fairly optimistic that if i work as hard as right guard, i can land myself a permenant position. :) GO BOOYYYYYYYY!!!!! :D
i only done one day so far but it was fukin ace and my 'creative' mind helped the team and saved us £60 so thats always a bonus!
i'm gonna play the sims 2 again now. i just started playin it again recently. i have a 5 storey mansion! lol. i got 2 the top of the criminal career track as an evil genius with spikes on my shoulders n stuff! i managed to lure superwoman up a tree deviously using a strategically planted stray cat and then knocked her out with some form of gas! then it was back to the lair in my stepfather's pick up truck, where i strapped her into a complex torture device and made her plead for mercy before i released her. (oh, and charged her 55 grand as well!) so thats how i built such a monstrosity of a structure!
other than work and the sims, life is crappy... my fone's bin cut off, im still in hideous amounts of debt, i have no gf and no life and i miss lincoln lots. i consider myself to have 4 best mates and they're all miles away and i live with my dad, which i guess is preferable to living with chris evans, but only marginally. rite, i'll finish now, content that i have posted my latest mental ranting on this site as a peice of history to look back on and laugh about in 2 years! if u r reading this and u r not james bellman, then i wud apologise for boring the shit out of u, but u chose to read it so i wont! :)

au revoir

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Friday, March 4, 2005

2:20AM - meh!

hmmm. well, it didnt go too well... my money didnt arrive... i borrowed a tenner off Marc, and lost it despite having TWO SHOTS ON THE FUCKING BLACK! anyway, tomorrow tenner number two arrives, and this time... I WILL win some money! I have to. This weeks been a bit mixed... I have two different agaencies trying to get me the same job in two different cities, I lost my sweet new phone, I fell out briefly with a good friend, i ate the last of my food this evening (consisting of a tin of tuna and a chicken burger - no bread, just the chicken bit!) Had a few great bits of news like one of the jobs comes with a brandnew Pug 406! and some very bad news, like my dad isnt well, and some news which is confusing. I think one of my friends (who im not naming!) has a slight crush on me, which is all very well n good cuz shes a lovely gal, but shes got a bf. also two of my 4 best mates want to get a house with me which wud be awesome. This houseisawesomewith me n warwick living here but nowhes down south with emma all the time its pretty lonely and barney although hes not a badguy rly we dont get on too well, as for patrick. I'm gonna have to explain to Patrick that if the next time I see him he's not waving £30 in notes above his head high and clear so that I can see it, I'm gonna introduce his head to the garage floor! little bastard! My phone is now totally screwed in that i cant call out, and i cant text out. Which mite be sumthin to do with me owing them hideous amounts of money! argh. wot 2 do, wot 2 do?! Anyway. gotta have an early night cuz got stuff to do tomorrow. gotta win some money! :D
so long!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

3:24AM - The complex thing that is life...

I am currently in the process of creating a LJ thingy with all the key events from my life but for now im just gonna talk about today. i see this as a low point in my life in almost all respects. However, i keep telling people it MUST get better from here, it CANT get any worse... but it fukin does! u better believe it! The first time i said that a few weeks ago, within 12 hours of making such a bold statement i had managed to crash my car into 2 different vehicles, in two different places. Now i dont know if this was pure coincidence or proof that God has a sense of humour and im his bitch, but either way, its proof that no matter how much u think it cant get worse, it always always can! but to be entirely honest, if it gets any worse from this point on i might just have inflict some kind of endless pain on Patrick's face for being such a slimy disgusting gollum-like creature attempting to pass off as a human and sharing my house with me! its pretty safe to say i hate his guts. i detest him like no other man has ever detested anybody before, except for possibly the world detesting george bush, but that's such a large scale it doesnt count! Wow! i love talking shit to stuff like this! its ace! cuz it cant get bored, and i dont care if whoever is reading this gets bored cuz its meant for me, not them, so if ur reading this and its boring u.... fuck off! :) anyway. I'm in hideous amounts of debt, possibly equal to that of a small third world country, but im not certain on that one. Also i went from loving one person infinitely more than any other single person on this planet, to hating her so much i was physically sick in the space of 2-3months.
I would like to dedicate this space to explaining to the world how much i FUCKING HATE MARIE MARSHALL! i always promised i would never say a bad word about her and would always love her in one way or another, and she promised to always be caring and considerate and not fucking screw me over. pfft. yea right. anyway, i have sucessfully erased her from my life which hasnt been fucking easy but im not taking any shit like that. thats not fucking on! you probably have no idea wot the fuk im on about but she does!!! she knows only too well. i dont know wot i'd do if i was to see her now. fucking spew probably. bitch!
enough of that! fuckin hell. depressing myself to death! Marie is a bitch... thats all i needed to say! tut!

Some might say they dont believe in Heaven,
Go and tell it to the man who lives in hell!

Right.... plan of action...

1)finish this entry
2)got to bed
3)fall asleep
4)wake up
5)find some money
6)gamble said money on games of pool at Shotz
7)win said games of pool
8)go out with said winnings and get drunk
9)on said outing find a girlfriend!
10)live happily ever after with said girlfriend!
11)yea right!)
12)find a job
13)chamgpagne supernova has just come on so fuck this, im gonna lay in bed and listen to this audible masterpiece!

Current mood: hmmmm